Hand Hygiene


A soothing bactericidal hand wash with moisturiser. Based on modern synthetic surfactants, SANISOAP is mild enough for frequent use yet is strong enough to remove grime and harmful bacteria.


A hand sanitising alcohol gel with moisturiser, which rapidly kills bacteria including MRSA. SANIGEL meets BS EN 1276:1997 (bactericidal). SANIGEL is used neat, ideally after washing the hands with SANISOAP, and requires no water or towel drying. It is a thorough and instant disinfectant for hands and contains emollients to moisturise and soften the skin.


SANISAFE M is a hand sanitising ALCOHOL FREE version of SANIGEL, which also kills viruses such as MRSA. Klenzan manufacture 3 kinds of hand hygiene products for the ultimate protection for hands in the Food, Beverage, Dairy and Pharmaceutical industries.

Hand Hygiene dispensers are also available - please click on the PDF below for more information

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